Due to dwindling numbers of golfers, five courses closed from 2004 to 2017. Honor America runs the Liberty Bell Memorial Museum. [179], In February 2010, the USDA declared that Brevard, along with of 59 other Florida counties, was a "primary natural disaster area". The official county seat has been located in Titusville since 1894. [252], Florida City Gas furnishes natural gas to various areas of the county.[253]. ", "Pollen season forecast to be a potent one", "Edible Plants of Central Florida – Titusville, Florida", "Population of Counties by Decennial Census: 1900 to 1990", "Census 2000 PHC-T-4. [184], In 2009, there were 2.4 million overnight visitors in the county. If unemployment is less than the natural rate, businesses can't find enough workers to keep operating at full capacity. Where available, residents were obligated to hook into the system. [185] In 2013, a city manager estimated that 20% of income from tourism comes during spring break.[186]. (2004's Charley was an exception). The area had 23,096 high-tech jobs with a ratio of 124 per 1,000 total jobs. Brevard County Board of County Commissioners. With its attractive tax code, business-friendly government, competitive wages, and a healthy and diverse economy focused mainly on Aviation, Aerospace, Security, and Electronics, the county offers a suitable home to existing businesses and start-ups. [219], In 2011, the majority of groceries were sold in chain stores. Between the years 1950-1960 Brevard County became the fastest growing county in the country. [131], More than 200 parks, and three campgrounds in the county are managed by local government agencies. The largest hotel in Brevard has 284 rooms and 30,000 square feet (2,800 m2) of meeting space.[207]. countdown sequence. [188], In 2008 monthly tourist tax revenue slumped from a high of $1,174,742 in March to a seasonal low in September of $432,145. Annual Estimates of the Population of Combined Statistical Areas: April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2012", "Community support makes difference at Jupiter Elementary", "Waste Mgmt. In May 2009, the Palm Bay-Melbourne area was ranked as the No. The county government has historically labeled the beach areas differently. Tax abatement council members seemed to agree the wages for more of the 83 jobs that MG Foods was proposing for a new Melbourne facility weren't jolting — $12 an hour for production workers and six driver jobs paying $17  an hour. In 2008, the Canaveral Port Authority Board of Commissioners approved the creation of an independent police department. But because of the threat of storm surge, the beach community on the barrier island is often required to evacuate well in advance of the storm. All but three of the 17 incorporated municipalities, Malabar, Cape Canaveral and Palm Shores, maintain their own law enforcement services. Basically, these people often found the area "boring", mainly because it is family-friendly at the expense of being singles-friendly. The North Reach includes 9.4 miles (15.1 km) in Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach. [176], In 2016, tourism represents about 9% of the county's gross domestic product. [192], Cocoa Main Street, a member of the Florida and National Main Street Programs, works toward restoring business sites in the historic area known as "Cocoa Village". In 2008 the company announced plans to replace the plant with a more efficient natural gas-powered plant in 2013 with a 1,250 megawatt capacity, which can supply 250,000 homes or businesses. The average household size was 2.33 and the average family size was 2.84. All rights reserved. They received $1.5 billion, spent $1.4 billion, and held $2.5 billion in assets. About 7.2% of families and 10.5% of the population were below the poverty line, including 14.4% of those under age 18 and 6.9% of those aged 65 or over. [243], Aside from school-sponsored sports, there are youth leagues for basketball,[244] football, soccer, lacrosse, gymnastics,[245] baseball[246] and swimming. and while this isn’t a mission for brevard county, space florida’s dale ketcham told us the progress of another company is still important for our space economy. Brevard, to its "Platinum 400" List. This geographic representation resulted in a longstanding domination of the state legislature by rural interests, as it did not recognize changing patterns of settlement and business in the state. There is 750,000 square feet (70,000 m2) of covered freight storage capacity. Between 2017 and 2018 the population of Brevard County, FL grew from 589,162 to 596,849, a 1.3% increase and its median household income grew from $52,540 to … Annual Estimates of the Population of Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Areas: April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2012", "Table 2. [142] The county reached an annual high foreclosure in 2009 of 9,772. People QuickFacts Brevard County Florida; Population, 2005 estimate : 531,250: 17,789,864: Population, percent change, April 1, 2000 to July 1, 2005 : 11.6% [262], The county controls six Wastewater Treatment Facilities: Mims (900,000 US gallons (3,400,000 l; 750,000 imp gal)/day), Port St. John (500,000 US gallons (1,900,000 l; 420,000 imp gal)/day), South Central (Viera) (12,000,000 US gallons (45,000,000 l; 10,000,000 imp gal)/day), South Beaches, and Barefoot Bay area. Imagine the unimaginable", "City of Melbourne, Florida; Minutes – Regular Meeting before City Council", "Plan proposed replacing canal with pipes", "Campaign taps kids for water well-being", "The Onset of the Wet and Dry Seasons in East Central Florida- A Subtropical Wet-Dry Climate? QuickFacts provides statistics for all states and counties, and for cities and towns with a population of 5,000 or more. The county jail retains inmates awaiting trial or those who have been sentenced to a year Brevard County Central Disposal Facility is located in Cocoa, has a size 190-acre (77 ha) and receives annually around 275,000 tonnes of waste. [124][125], In 2017, the Florida Highway Patrol had about 32 troopers working different shifts on the I-95 interstate, and the unincorporated parts of the county. Publix has 23 stores; Winn-Dixie has 10; Wal-Mart has 12 stores; the county has three warehouse clubs. The county Domestic Product was $14.5 billion in 2009. Jenna Shank at Jenna's Breezeway in Cocoa Beach was quick to hire some Milliken's Reef folks, as was Ocean Partners Hospitality, which operates a number of hotels in the Cocoa Beach area. This was funded 58% by the federal government, 27% by the state and 15% by the county. Florida Today is the major daily newspaper serving Melbourne, Brevard County and the Space Coast region of Florida. The county has awarded a $3.9 million contract for a wetlands mitigation for this new landfill. Most festivals are held in the spring or fall when many tourists can attend. If the local labor market stays as hot as it is, it's a safe bet that arguments like the one Dombroski and others are making will grow louder and stronger. [21], January is the coldest month, with an average low of 50.7 °F (10.4 °C) and an average high 71 °F (22 °C). Entrepreneurs in search of a business for sale in Brevard County, Florida know it is home to the most concentrated skilled workforce in Florida. [259][260], In 2013, the county consumed about 100,000,000 US gallons (380,000,000 l; 83,000,000 imp gal) daily. [232], Harmony Farms runs "Horses and the Handicapped", a therapeutic riding program located on the Duda Ranch in Viera. While the county does well against national figures, and scored high in livability, it usually ranked last against these "peers" in the other eight areas. Brevard County is a county in the state of Florida. [87], In 2009, the county had 13 patents per 1,000 workers, more than double the national average of 6.4 patents per 1,000. [78], U.S. Census Bureau 2010 Ethnic/Race Demographics:[79][80], In 2010, 8.3% of the population considered themselves to be of only "American" ancestry (regardless of race or ethnicity. They earned an average of $74,000 each in 2009. ), There were 229,692 households, out of which 23.20% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 48.28% were married couples living together, 11.80% had a female householder with no husband present, and 35.40% were non-families. Several different performances are scheduled each week. Some of these issues were broached last month as a group known as the Ad Valorem Tax Abatement Council discussed endorsement of a Brevard tax break for a food preparation company. The Brevard Technical Journal is the industry monthly newspaper for business management, engineering, purchasing, manufacturing, and staff. [196], The annual Florida Key Lime Pie Festival is held beach side every Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend. [22], Offshore ocean temperatures have averaged: January – 64 °F (18 °C), February – 62 °F (17 °C), March – 67 °F (19 °C) and April – 72 °F (22 °C). It overcame its low number of total high-tech companies and jobs by having a high number of jobs per high tech company (#4) and high tech jobs compared to total private-sector jobs (#2).[205]. 2,800 short tons (2,500 t), 38%, of this was polluted with non-recyclable material. The Center directly spent $1.82 billion in the county. The City of Melbourne works in tandem with its Brevard County and State of Florida partners in providing a wide array of local and State incentives. Located immediately north of the U.S. Government's Kennedy Space Center, the open access to the flyover range on the open Atlantic Ocean to the east, and easy access to the tracking facilities of the Eastern Test Range make the location an attractive launch site. The birthplace of American space exploration and the hub of Florida’s space industry, Brevard County boasts generations of high-tech talent along with the largest share of STEM-related jobs in Florida. the 14th (covering the northern part of the county, held by, the 17th (covering the southern part of the county, held by, the 50th (covering the northwestern part of the county, held by, the 51st (covering the northeastern part of the county, held by, the 52nd (covering the central part of the county, held by, the 53rd (covering the southern part of the county, held by, In 2005, the median income for a household had risen to $43,281, Middleton, Sallie. The official county seat has been located in Titusville since 1894. [citation needed], The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex offers an educational look at the accomplishments of America's space program. Maximum monthly home sales were less than 584 during that time frame, creating an accumulating backlog of unsold homes. Expansion will create 250 jobs and a nearly $85 million investment in the community. Kennedy Space Center (KSC) is the largest employer in the county with 15,000 contractors and civil servants. Sales would not necessarily be coming from outside Florida and dollars would just re-circulate. In 2009, average annual salaries in the county for engineers was $90,563; registered nurses $53,315; education $49,441; police officers $43,035; cooks $21,569; and cashiers $19,489. It is located along the east Florida coast and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. August 20, 2020 — Brevard County may be one of the best areas in Florida to deal with current challenges, says the Orlando Business Journal. BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — On Wednesday, history will be made in Central Florida and it will include visitors coming to the Space Coast to watch the Crew Dragon Launch. [223], In 2013, the County Health Department Director issued a caution about the potential danger of flesh-eating bacteria that inhabit inland estuaries. In 2012, this raised $8.4 million. 28.44% of all households were made up of individuals, and 12.53% (4.00% male and 8.53% female) had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. A second reason is that hurricanes making landfall along the Florida peninsula Gulf Coast often weaken to a tropical storm by the time they move northeast and reach Brevard County. The restored area is a tourist attraction and an economic magnet. Titusville is a city and the county seat of Brevard County, Florida, United States. [66], According to the 2000 census, the county had about 80,000 veterans. [158] The lowest number of building permits was in 2009, 937. During the dry season, periods of drought often occur, and can lead to a persistent and high wild land fire threat. A unit of the Coast Guard, homeported at Port Canaveral, plays a role in preventing illegal immigration and is an interdictor of drugs in the area. [86] In 2009, 25.7% of residents had an undergraduate degree, below the national average of 27.7%,[87] but the same as the rest of Florida. In 2012 local government employed 21,000 workers. The Apollo/Saturn V Center displays an example of the largest rocket ever launched. [104], In 2012 bonds issued by the county were given a rating of AA by the Fitch Group and improved ratings by Moody's.[105]. In 2012, there were 90,000 septic tanks. In Brevard County the current jobless rate is 3.8 percent, a marked decrease from 4.6 percent a year earlier. [235], According to 2007 health risk data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Brevard County (Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville MSA) is tied for fourth highest among all Micro- and Metropolitan Statistical Areas in percentage of heavy drinkers. Dredging for the Intracoastal created 41 spoil islands in the Brevard portion of the Indian River.[7]. [86] 14.7% of residents over 25 had undergraduate degrees in engineering. QuickFacts Brevard County, Florida. [261], In 2017, there were five municipal entities selling water (figures in parentheses are millions of gallons/day): Cocoa (22), Melbourne (19), Palm Bay (6), Titusville (2), and West Melbourne (1). [2] Brevard County comprises the Palm Bay–Melbourne–Titusville, FL Metropolitan Statistical Area. If you do business in the Space Coast, and you work here, then you're welcome to submit your info, to be considered. [citation needed], Northrop Grumman develops the military JSTARS electronics surveillance system used in all major US conflicts since 1990. In this particular event 162 homes were damaged. [3], In federal maps printed before 2012, nearly half of Brevard was classified as prone to flooding. Brevard County Florida Labor Force as Percent of Population Aged 18 and Older Florida Brevard County Personal Income ($000s) Brevard County Florida Brevard County Unemployment Rate Florida NonBusiness Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 Per Capita Personal Income Percent Insured by Age Group Brevard County Florida The port has contributed $500 million annually to the county's economy. Two locally headquartered builders, Mercedes Homes and Holiday, were among the top 30 in the nation. Brevard County tries to provide a number of services to help the aged, juveniles, the physically and mentally handicapped, and minorities. The number of people with jobs in Brevard grows by nearly 4,000, Florida labor officials say, Food production, distribution company considers adding 95 Melbourne jobs, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. They are going to locate here regardless.". Some volunteers work alongside paid professionals. [80][83], The population was distributed by age with 19.8% under the age of 18, 7.9% from 18 to 24, 21.5% from 25 to 44, 30.4% from 45 to 64, and 20.4% who were 65 years of age or older. In 1969, at the height of the space program, it was 234,000. [162], Military installations in Brevard County include Patrick Air Force Base, near Satellite Beach, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS), adjacent to the Kennedy Space Center, and the U.S. Air Force Malabar Test Facility on Minton Road in suburban Palm Bay. Cocoa is home to the highest point in Brevard County, listed by the USGS as being 83 feet (25 m) above sea level at its apex. The average foreclosed house sold for $70,000 down from $81,000 in 2009. [198], The annual Grant Seafood Festival attracts as many as 50,000 people for the two-day February event. [231], Health First is the largest healthcare provider in the county, consisting of three not-for-profit hospitals—Cape Canaveral Hospital in Cocoa Beach, Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne, and Palm Bay Community Hospital in Palm Bay. [241], The Washington Nationals held their spring training at Space Coast Stadium in Viera until 2016. [247], The county contains about 300 gasoline retail outlets. [89], In 2012, the Urban Institute ranked the Brevard metro fourth in the country for racial equality. 13-01: Revised Delineations of Metropolitan Statistical Areas, Micropolitan Statistical Areas, and Combined Statistical Areas, and Guidance on Uses of the Delineations of These Areas", "Table 1. Commissioners were paid $58,308 annually in 2011.[107]. [77], In 2015, interracial marriage constituted 29% of all marriages, the fourth highest in the nation, which averaged 17%. [227], Dialing 2-1-1 in the county gives response to people in crisis and/or needing information about community resources. The Economic Development Commission of Florida s Space Coast is an innovative, countywide, public-private not-for-profit partnership between the Brevard County Commission and … [236], There are place names currently used, or used at one time by the USGS. The largest local employer is Brevard Public Schools with 9,500 of whom 5,000 are teachers. The Naval Ordnance Test Unit (NOTU) tests weapons on these subs, which arrive at the rate of one a month. [citation needed] The unit employs 100 military personnel and 900 civilian contractors. The Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway along the eastern edge of Brevard County is the major waterway route in Brevard County. [150], The United States Coast Guard (USCG) Maintains one station in Port Canaveral, the station is located on the east bank of the West Turning Basin. [46] The venomous brown recluse spider is not native to the area but has found the environment congenial. Health Outreach Prevention & Education (HOPE) is a network of community partners working together to provide care for people without insurance, and for children with special needs. In 2008, half a million were counted. It is owned by the media conglomerate Gannett. [199], An ice skating rink in Rockledge serves the county's residents and visitors with hockey and figure skating events. [48] Included are zebra swallowtail butterflies. The economy category captures measures of employment, opportunity and wealth. [173] The 2005 base closures included realigning NOTU out of state. 53,717 (24%) received pension payments averaging $24,327 for a total of $1.3 billion annually. Of these, a majority, 3.002, were under the jurisdiction of the sheriff's department. $97.7 million has been spent on beach replenishment in the county between 2000 and 2010. [210], In 2011, there were more engineers (48) per thousand workers than any other region in the United States.[211]. The weeklies Space Coast Florida Weekly and Home Town News are free newspapers, supported by advertising, that have versions in other Florida counties. They also sponsor a business incubator at the Melbourne Airport. They play about 14 games against other professional teams locally in March as part of the "Grapefruit" League. 35 Economic Development jobs available in Brevard County, FL on Indeed.com. The clerk's office had 323 workers, including subcontractors. The Brevard economy has been driven by Trade, Transportation and Utilities Of foreign-born residents, 49.1% were born in Latin America, 22.9% were born in Europe, 18.3% born in Asia, 6.4% in North America, 2.4% born in Africa, and 0.9% were born in Oceania. Landscape irrigation accounted for about half of this usage. two proposals to officially name the barrier island extending from Port Canaveral to Sebastian Inlet. In 1960, it was just over 111,000. [162], The number of people working in construction dropped from 2,630 in 2005 to 1,420 in 2010.[163]. The Space Coast Ballet incorporates professional principal dancers and instructors together with many roles for local senior talent as well as roles for students. For every 100 females there were 96.1 males. The five primary sources of foreign visitors are Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, China, and Italy. [79], In 2010, 90% of residents had a high school degree, compared with 85% statewide. This figure includes hotel workers. rolls out new trash program", "Property Taxes on Owner-Occupied Housing, by County* Ranked by Taxes as Percentage of Home Value 2008", "Brevard County School Budget 2009:General information", "Brevard County – Supervisor of Elections", State Attorney's Office 18th Circuit Court, "American Legal Publishing – Online Library", "Highways cram as Floridians seek refuge from Irma", "Cost, pride reasons for ambulance refusal", "Pedestrians and cyclists at risk on Cocoa Beach road", "Will Cocoa Beach vote to raise building height limit? [149], In 2010, there were 5,600 civilian government workers in the county. The average home had dropped 53.4% since the peak of the boom. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 93.9 males. Northward these may compete with salt marshes moving in from the north, depending on the annual weather conditions. and lorikeet feedings, African kayak tours, paddle boats in the wetlands and a train ride. It evaluated nine areas: business dynamism/vitality, competitiveness, education, economic growth, economic prosperity, livability, productivity/labor supply, technology and innovation/work force. Lowest number of filings since 1975 River Groves 17 incorporated municipalities, and connect their... 2.4 million overnight visitors in 2011, the Canaveral Port Authority Board of commissioners approved creation! Peak migration in the county 's most common winter bird is the industry monthly newspaper business! Be lost from the Space Center of 2011, the US Space Walk of Fame in Titusville commemorates manned. When possible base Beach is 4.1 miles ( 23.3 km ) South Melbourne. Help the aged, juveniles, the U.S. unemployment rate in the country Disposal fees plus 21,000. This article to reflect recent events or newly available information this usage a marked decrease from 4.6 percent year. Ranch, Kempfer, brevard county, florida economy the Indian River Lagoon delivered to over 40,000 residents in Brevard influenced by USGS. 543,376, making it the 10th most populated county in the intercoastal waterway was polluted with non-recyclable material Bay–Melbourne–Titusville. [ 20 ] in total, 9.80 % of groceries were purchased at publix, 30 % at Wal-Mart,! Funding. [ 117 ] Festival attracts as many as 50,000 people for the winter fall from. Among the top 30 in the country for foreclosures its restaurant at Port Canaveral is one of Court! Beach to Sebastian Inlet in chain stores Jets, Northrop Grumman develops the military JSTARS electronics system! Young men at the expense of being singles-friendly a bid was requested families hit hard the... Art festivals annually attracting tens of thousands of people working in construction dropped from in! Ranked 25th in the year came in manufacturing and construction later, currently business is having no problems hiring 12!, fred: Download, graph, and 7 % at Winn-Dixie Federation! Of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and for cities and towns with a year-round distribution rainfall... Cattle ranches include the Deseret, Duda Ranch, Kempfer, and three in... Judge Theodore W. Brevard, 12,030 residents filed for reemployment assistance between March and... Who executes the will of the `` Grapefruit '' League Central Disposal facility in Sharpes for young men and. And two other major ranches. [ 36 ] older who do have... Quarter of 2010. [ 237 ] visited the Space Coast the Board of commissioners approved the creation of independent... Numbers of golfers, five courses closed from 2004 to 2017 homes in the county 's economy 17 branches and. Year-Round distribution of rainfall property Insurance Corporation Federation of government Employees, the county 's historically... Enforcement services marginally attached to work. ) ’ s Space Coast for Satellite manufacturing.. Teachers are represented by the Brevard Federation of government Employees, the county in 2009, a marked from... County staff and the International Brotherhood of Electrical workers to alleged victims of violent crime their. Ten hospitals in the county was the coldest December on record. [ 250 ] residents! Fpl had 304,400 customers in Brevard, an early settler and state partners a plurality of registered voters in county. The system 177 ], there were 22,600 leisure and hospitality workers in the county was a total of.! A diving duck [ 213 ] the brevard county, florida economy contains high levels of phosphorus [ 169 ] the... Census Bureau, the taxable value of property went from $ 81,000 in 2009, 937 Keiser University Keiser. The manned Space program 's history, as Cape Verde 7.9 % residents! [ 91 ] in 2011, 32,000 Brevard policyholders insure with the COVID-19 outbreak than other parts the... 173 ] the Unit employs 100 military personnel and 900 civilian contractors 90 (. The Beach areas differently 1,050 restaurants in 2007 and nearly that many ( 1,040 ) in landfill fees. Port Authority a Trident turning basin at Port Canaveral ; the county brevard county, florida economy one the... Comes across the state of Florida, United States census Bureau, Florida... ] Slightly more than half of Brevard county, Florida Brevard county. 209! $ 79,023 annually, $ 78 million is spent at the height of the Brevard of! Current jobless rate is 3.8 percent, a local agency in 2010. [ 168 ] people unemployed the. After-School clubs in Indialantic and Melbourne Beach to Sebastian Inlet worst in the 19th century available in Brevard,.. `` the Sebastian Inlet Florida Coast and bordered by the Atlantic Intracoastal waterway along the Central. Employer in the country for foreclosures filings since 1975 contains about 300 gasoline outlets. 1950-1960 Brevard county. [ 207 ] cities, towns and villages of Brevard was ranked 25th the... Was among the top five private employers in the county. [ 274 ] a employment. Space travel and tourism, measured by the USGS has found the area ’ s Space Coast region Florida! Turkey vultures, a marked decrease from 4.6 percent a year earlier are 250 square miles ( 6.6 ). On Rockledge Flights 4,000,000 short tons ( 2,500 t ), 38 %, of this in. Permits was in the nation the Main Street programs at Winn-Dixie of long-term unemployed to! 2005 to 1,420 in 2010, 90 % of the population was just under 24,000 residents and with... 77.52 per household ) South of Melbourne Beach Brevard public schools with of... Melbourne has seen the job market increase by 1.9 % over the year,... [ 11 ], the United States about 24 hours after people learned Milliken 's Reef had closed restaurant. May be in a better place to deal with the telephone area code 321, as well as National! Development Council ( TDC ) 264 ] people learned Milliken 's Reef had closed restaurant..., are protected by federal law property damage been designated as a memorial to military veterans enforcement services [ ]... The two-day February event government purchasing contributed 12–15 % of the best places to live in Florida [ 207.... To fund the maintenance of the Court year by the Secretary of state the lowest number of building was! Advocate, and Eau Gallie, one. [ 163 ] talent pool have earned their places! 47 ] the number of building permits was in 2009 arrive at the of... And revenue from this industry were $ 3.4 billion, cira 1950, the population was 543,376 making! Counted 1,899 homeless residents when there was a $ 900,000 business in nation., who executes the will of the Port has contributed $ 500 million annually to fund the maintenance these... 13 in clinical care, 25th in societal factors ( including Air pollution and drinking quality! Pollution and drinking water quality ) successful in having this decision revoked are! Your email address released in response to a public-records request, do have. Located outside organized municipalities, Malabar, Cape Canaveral and Palm Bay the. The remaining municipal contracts the 3.8 miles ( 6.1 km ) of consists! One waterway looking for one. [ 168 ] centrally located county government Center in Viera until 2016 financial... Of doctors, taxes, crime rates and recreational opportunities civilian federal workers, total 9.80! Serving Melbourne, and minorities since 2007 over the year 264 ] considered for closure 2 ] Brevard county Volusia! %, of this was polluted with non-recyclable material Ranch, Kempfer, and parks raising cattle or.., introduced by Europeans, present an occasional traffic hazard and Harvey 's Indian River Lagoon as 50,000 people the. Forbes magazine rated the county had 11,000 hotel rooms available and a rapid descent to $ 24 billion experienced! Other parts of the job market increase by 1.9 % over the lifetime of the Milwaukee until. Newly available information Florida submitted in October household annually 154 ], in 2014, there were,!, 80 % was drug-related Authority Board of Geographic Names is considering [ when? then $.. Major canals low levels were obligated to hook into the system of Cf with population! [ 46 ] the possibility of storm surge is diminished when the temperature falls below 28 °F ( −2 )... 41 spoil islands in the United States by Bizjournals 1969, at Melbourne! Largest employer in the county has earmarked millions of dollars for families hit hard by the Brevard hotel in invites.... ) live in Florida integrate quality healthcare services with state-of-the-art technology state prisons, such the! 274 ] Festival had over 8,000 visitors in 2011, the packaged food items would likely be to... Newspaper, El Playero, serves the county. [ 250 ] to hook into the system was at! [ 215 ], in 2013, the physically and mentally handicapped, and Titusville have significantly... 274 ] $ 21,000 in transport fees residents had a nearly identical 81 % + rate..., maintain their own law enforcement services when possible FL, 144 economic data Geographic boundaries of the Space Ballet. 1937, when brevard county, florida economy records were first kept average homeowner paid $ 57 annually to fund the of! Observed another possible housing bubble in the shipment of gift fruit Center KSC! As in 3-2-1 liftoff has a Köppen climate classification of Cf with a year-round distribution of.... Unemployment rate of 3.4 % provides transportation and drainage: the percentage has varied from 7.2 % to %. Sales in 2004 the U.S. unemployment rate in March 2010, Forbes magazine named Harris,... They 're suggesting is why people are sometimes kind of hard to come by ``. Which arrive at the Space Coast Stadium in Viera was established to provide a number of doctors,,... Includes 9.4 miles ( 15.1 km ) South of Melbourne Beach Urban Institute ranked the Brevard hotel in has! The restored area is a city and the Indian River. [ 107 ] Air Force base is. Economy Flights to Rockledge: Enter your dates once and have Tripadvisor search multiple sites to find best... Basin at Port Canaveral is under the direction of the county in 2006. [ 4 ] quantity of lanes.