A combined IEACBS Board of Directors meeting and social event is held on the third Thursday of each month at a local restaurant or other local convenient location. All members and guests are invited to attend. Email announcements are made one week in advance to all members. The location is also noted on the Calendar of Events page below. Contact the Events Coordinator at for additional information if needed.

Agenda for each meeting is distributed and topics are discussed by the general membership. Voting is limited to Chapter Officers and Board Members only. Your voice is important, so please come and be heard.


The Annual Meeting is held in the fall of each year at which time general membership is asked to attend and discuss the past year and forthcoming events and Club operation concerns. Annual financial reports are presented. Voting is offered to the general membership. Email announcement of the meeting is sent to all members two weeks in advance of the meeting. The location is also noted on the Calendar of Events page below. If additional information is required, please contact the Events Coordinator at