The Inland Empire Chapter wants to take the lead in our Region for promoting other Chapter shows and is willing to send members of our Chapter to each show to promote the shows.

It is simple to participate. Pick a show you would like to attend, fill out the application and get it back to a Board Member. At the next Board meeting, the application will be presented. There is no requirement to be heavily involved in Chapter business, in fact the Board would relish seeing new faces representing IEACBS.

All that is asked is that you represent the Inland Empire Chapter, enjoy the show, and support the work the other Northwest Chapter is putting forth. For this, we will cover your expense for the show entry for you and your boat. Yes, you need to buy your own drinks, fuel and hotel room but you will have the privilege representing our Chapter and attending a fun event.

Boat shows are hard work. Just ask any of the recent Chairs of our shows and they will happily fill you in on this. It takes many hours from many hands to accomplish a successful show. Let’s do our part in supporting other Chapter’s work. If you have any questions please contact a Board Member.

Click here for the Ambassador Program form.